EOS Investment Management Ltd (EOS IM) is an independent fund manager, authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM).

Located in London, UK. EOS Investment Management Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company no. 9259578, and by the FCA, license number 657756. EOS IM is appointed to provide its expertise in real asset strategies in the alternative investments sector, through its fund management and advisory activities.

The energy asset class advisors are located respectively in London and Milan. EOS Energy Partners Ltd, EOS Capital Partners Srl and Manage Your Energy Srl provide specialist energy expertise to drive forward the clean energy fund offering. This encompasses the capability to deliver clean energy through all the stages of the energy asset cycle from investment analysis to development of greenfield assets and operational management and sale.

The private equity asset class advisory is located in Milan, close to the fund assets. EOS Private Equity Partners Srl provides specialist private equity expertise to drive forward activities focused on the small to mid-cap sector. This encompasses the capability to facilitate the delivery of growth-based investment strategies through the investment and management cycle.

  • EOS Investment Management Ltd | Alternative Investment Fund Manager
  • Fysis Specialized Asset Management S.à r.l. | General Partner
  • EOS Energy Partners Ltd | Investment Advisor EOS
  • Capital Partners Srl | Investment Advisor EOS
  • Private Equity Partners Srl | Investment Advisor
  • Manage Your Energy Srl | Operational Asset Manager
  • EOS ReNewable Infrastructure GP SARL | General Partner