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EOS Investment Management Group (“EOS IM Group”) is a leading independent international fund management group, specialising in alternative asset sectors. EOS IM Group’s focus is to provide the professional investor community with a diversified choice of funds providing long term investment performance through their direct access to the real economy. EOS IM Group operates as an integrated group of specialists which works closely with its industry partners.

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+ EOS IM Group

EOS IM Group

The EOS IM Group comprises the following entities:
- EOS Investment Management Ltd | Alternative Investment Fund Manager
- Fysis Specialized Asset Management S.à r.l. | General Partner
- EOS Energy Partners Ltd | Investment Advisor
- EOS Energy Advisory Srl | Investment Advisor
- EOS Private Equity Partners Srl | Investment Advisor
- Manage Your Energy Srl | Operational Asset Manager - EOS ReNewable Infrastructure GP SARL

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+ Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is integral to EOS IM Group’s ethos and included in all aspects of its investment activity. It is a valuable enabling tool, used to help identify opportunities and reduce uncertainty. Active risk management framework under the oversight of EOS IM Group’s internal Risk function brings the ability to independently assess and contribute to EOS IM Group’s activities, thus providing investors with the benefit of in depth market experience and the operational execution of sound practices.

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Our Proposition

EOS IM Group provides investors with the opportunity to invest in multiple ways. These options are designed to meet the varying objectives and requirements of EOS IM Group’s diverse investor base. The options in summary include:

Single Strategy Funds

  • Direct investment into a dedicated single strategy fund e.g. private equity and clean energy


  • Tailored investment solutions designed to fit our client’s needs and objectives
  • Direct investment into a dedicated single strategy fund e.g. private equity and clean energy
  • Tailored investment solutions designed to fit our client’s needs and objectives


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+ Energy & Infrastructure

Energy & Infrastructure

EOS IM manages an overall portfolio of € 230m. The Clean Energy Team is highly specialised and focused on the renewable energy sector. The team's main goal is to support EOS IM in its activities, when investing in energy infrastructure (especially solar and wind power existing plants) and energy efficiency projects. The portfolio is structured to provide geographical and technological diversification, that can generate stable and predictable cash flows for investors.

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+ Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

In December 2016 EOS IM launched an multi-year Energy Efficiency project through a € 30m partnership with Conad del Tirreno, Officinae Verdi Group (a World Wildlife Fund joint venture) and UniCredit. The current project consists of the re-engineering of 3 existing and establishment of 6 new energy efficient stores for Conad del Tirreno.

+ Private Equity

Private Equity

In the second half of 2016 EOS IM launched its private equity fund with the first closing and the simultaneous acquisition of Poplast, an Italian manufacturing company specialised in the creation of flexible packaging. The aim of the private equity team is to support EOS IM in the acquisition of qualified majority and minority stakes in selected Italian SMEs (and other European countries on an opportunistic basis) with a turnover between € 20m and € 70m, good profitability, a solid financial structure and high growth potential.

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