Sustainable by definition
Responsible by choice

EOS Investment Management Ltd (EOS IM) and EOS Investment Management Group (EOS IM Group) firmly believe that the success in the alternative investment sector requires much more than securing good finance returns.  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is central to this ethos, also being of increasing importance to investors and the future of the planet.



Since its foundation, EOS IM’s has taken a 360° approach, driven by the promotion of sustainable investments which are managed in a responsible way. EOS IM Group has established and operates an ESG Policy for its fund management and advisory services. EOS IM Group considers the integration of ESG topics in business operations to be a continuing journey, where there is always scope to enhance and develop the programme.  As such, EOS IM Group participates in industry events, interacts with other firms and international trade associations, as well as being publicly engaged in incorporating ESG into the holistic investment approach.

To this extent, in 2019 EOS IM formalised its commitment becoming a signatory to the United Nations Principal of Responsible Investing program (UN PRI), reinforcing its long-term objective to act as a dynamic player in the sustainable finance space. This marks the continuation of the organic process of applying ESG at all levels of EOS IM’s activities, in its strategy, governance and business processes.

As a further confirmation of its ESG engagement, EOS IM in its first reporting year in 2020 received its first official UN PRI ratings “A” grades in all reportable categories. The Responsible Investment (RI) Transparency Report primary objective is to enable signatory transparency on RI activities and facilitate dialogue between investors and their clients, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders.

The ESG Policy applied within the EOS IM Group is available at the following link. For its clean energy strategies, an ESG Policy Clean Energy Strategy – Resource Management is also available.

With reference to EOS IM Group’s renewable clean energy greenfield infrastructure strategies, the required disclosures under the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector (“Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation” or “SFDR”) in relation to EOS Energy Fund II S.C.A. SICAV-RAIF (“EOS ReNewable Infrastructure Fund II”) are provided at the link below.


EOS IM ESG Group Policy

ESG Policy Clean Energy Strategy – Resource Management

SFDR Disclosure EOS ReNewable Infrastructure Fund II

Report UNPRI 2020