EOS IM at the Private Equity Insight Conference 2019

Event date Thursday, 24 October 2019

Very exciting to hear Gianni Galasso, Managing Director and Head of PE at EOS Investment Management Group, to speak at the Private Equity Insights Conference on how to achieve the highest exit multiple in Italy.

Simon Elvidge, Board Member at EOS Investment Management Ltd, has been asked to moderate the GP Fundraising panel. He asked the panelists what differentiates the Italian market and their views on co-investing: Andrea Bertoncello from DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR is not sure about it “as co-investing by LPs means GPs have to put an extra effort to raise bigger funds. Not many large companies are suitable for investment at that scale. When looking at the Italian market it’s hard to find Cys with more than 20M euros.” Lorenzo Stanca from Mandarin Capital Partners believes Italy is a unique market “as there are plenty of opportunities in the mid to small market where you can afford to pay a lower multiple and get to know the entrepreneur better. You don’t get this when you are backed by a co-investment”. On the other hand, Edoardo Lanzavecchia from Alpha Associates feels more optimistic, “It gives us the possibility of doing deals we can’t afford, or stretch a buy-and-build strategy that has gone very far and needs further capital to move a step forward.” Haliday Casey from 3 Lines of Defence Consulting Ltd says that “when working with a new GP, they look for co-investing, so it’s positive to understand how they work and get to know them a bit closer.”