It is EOS IM’s objective to always provide a professional service in accordance with sound market practices.

At EOS IM we strive to be strictly aligned with the interests of our investors. This objective is confirmed through our mission to provide solid returns for our investors, as their growth of the funds is our key goal. We take pride in achieving this objective. Since inception, we adopted a proactive approach in determining the key requirements, needs and goals of investors in the various funds. We continuously work towards achieving these in the most efficient and effective manner.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of EOS Investment Management’s (‘EOS IM’) service and wish to complain, you should put your complaint in writing to:-

We will send you a written acknowledgement that we have received your complaint and that it is subject to review, in accordance with EOS IM’s policy. EOS IM will respond to your complaint, following the review and after due consideration.